D785 Mandate Letter for Contact Details 30kb download

V14 Application for a vehicle licence refund 159kb download

V112 Claim for Exemption from MoT Testing or Declaration as to age of vehicle 73kb

V20 Duplicate Vehicle Licence Disc application form 146kb

V267 Declaration of Vehicle Newness - for use by Independent Importer 37kb

Tinted windows Law

Recently a friend was pulled and booked in North Wales for having his windows tinted here are the Laws regarding Tinted Windows

Don’t Let You Old Car Give You New Problems

Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Simply send DVLA your vehicle’s registration document /certificate with the new owner’s details and they’ll send you a letter of receipt confirming that you are no longer liable for taxing it. Paying for someone else’s failure to tax their vehicle really is your problem unless you notify DVLA of the sale. Remember, you are required by law to keep your vehicle record up to date, you must tell DVLA if you sell, transfer, scrap or export your vehicle. DVLA is no longer reliant on spotting untaxed vehicles on the road before action can be taken. Although on-road enforcement will continue, car tax evaders can now also be identified direct from DVLA’s vehicle record. Therefore failure to renew your car tax or Statutory Off Road Notification, within a month of expiry, can result in an automatic £80 penalty landing on your doormat. And, if you continue to drive without a valid tax disc you could be fined a minimum of £1,000. The new rules are aimed at cracking down on individuals who do not tax their vehicles. As you need to produce an MOT (if applicable) and insurance certificate to buy a tax disc, the measures will reduce the number of unsafe and uninsured vehicles on the road. The new rules also reinforce the requirement for keepers to notify DVLA of changes, thereby improving the accuracy of the record, making it easier for the police to trace the owners of abandoned cars, and those used in criminal activities. In short, these new measures will benefit all road users.

V62 Vehicle Registration Document Application Form 51kb

V627/1 Built Up Vehicle Report 39kb

V70 Exchange of Vehicle Licence Application Form 76kb

V756 Application for certificate of Permanent Export 56kb

V765 Application to register vehicle under its original number 48kb

V85 HGV licence application form 102kb

V888 Request for Information 147kb

V890 Declaration of SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification 90kb

V940 Application to Register as a Number Plate Supplier 73kb

V940/1 Application to Register as a Number Plate Supplier Supplementary form 71kb


Top Spec Towbar
European Bulb Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Headlight Protectors

Sorento 2.5CRDi XS Man £18995
Sorento 2.5CRDi XS Auto £19995
Sorento 2.5CRDi XT Man £20995
Sorento 2.5CRDi XT Auto £21995
Saving over £4000

Part exchange taken for your old car

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